Zeco is disrupting the
thousand-year-old barter industry!

Optimize your cash flow, inventory & sales

Sell your products or services on the marketplace and get “Zeco Credits” allowing you to buy anything from the Zeco community

Optimize your services
or avaliable invetory

  • You sold 95% of your monthly quota, sell the rest on Zeco
  • Your hotel has one room unsold, sell it on Zeco
  • Left with dead stock from last quarter, sell it on Zeco

Save on expenses

Our vision is that all your business expenses will be paid in exchange for your products or services

Make more money

Expose your business to exclusive new sales opportunities
that are not otherwise possible

Why Zeco Barter?

100% Online

Super Simple, Fast, No agents,
No phone calls, All in Apps

Product / Service Pool

Give & get anything.
Goodbye one-to-one,
Hello to everyone


It’s all about TRUST.
First time ever! Do business that has credibility on Zeco marketplace

Global Reach

Give locally, take globally, or
whichever way you decide

No Third Party Invoicing

Manage your invoices as usual.
Invoicing is directly between the bartering companies

Time is Money

Control when you barter.
Stop & Start when you decide

Barter Discretion

You decide to disclose your bartering to the whole world or to keep discrete within the marketplace

Zero Cost

Free sign up, No subscription fees,
No obligation, No Penalties,
No hidden fees

Pay It Forward

You can donate your
Zeco coins to charity